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NEW HOME GROUP COMPANY PROFILE NEW HOME GROUP is registered in Singapore. NEW HOME GROUP is mainly engaged in real estate development project investment, real estate fund investment, hotel investment, catering industry investment, property management, construction general contractor, house sales and building material trade, and other business projects. NEW HOME GROUP: WWW.NEW99HOME.COM NEW HOME GROUP holds 3 subsidiaries, including: ASIA SG REALTY FUND (Singapore) WWW.ASIA-FUND.COM ASIA REALTY FUND (Hong Kong) HK.ASIA-FUND.COM ASIA USA REALTY FUND (California, USA) USA.ASIA-FUND.COM NEW...


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New Home Group - Add.: 27 NEW INDUSTRIAL ROAD, #01-01 NOVELTY TECHPOINT, Singapore 536212


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Under the U.S. EB-5 Investment immigration law, it required an investment amount of USD $1.05 million.



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