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Investing in Singapore

Investment projects in Singapore:

Investment plan of New Home Group for real estate development projects in Singapore:

1. New Home Group is a Singapore company with initial capital provided by USA Realty Construction Group.

2. New Home Group(Singapore headquarter company) holds the Asia SG Realty Fund.

3. New Home Group was registered in Singapore in 2021.

4. New Home Group established an office and hired employees in Singapore in May 2022, and started business by the chairman of the holding group in Person.

5. From 2022 to 2023, New Home Group will develop business in Singapore and cooperate with related business of project investment of American companies; investigate the Singapore market; intended to purchase land with permanent title that could be invested and developed for the Group's real estate projects in Singapore.

6. New Home Group plans to formally purchase land in Singapore in 2024 that can be used for investment in real estate development projects.

7. New Home Group plans to complete the project planning and construction drawing design in 2025.

8. New Home Group plans to complete the construction of real estate project in Singapore from 2026 to 2028.

9. Malaysia is a developing developed country with a lot of land with great development potential, such as Penang; Hong Kong is the city in greatest need of housing in the world. The future investment and development of New Home Group in Asia will be based in Singapore, and its business for the real estate development and construction project contracting will be expanded in Malaysia and Hong Kong.




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