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Garden of Eden
  • Garden of Eden
  • Garden of Eden
  • Garden of Eden
  • Garden of Eden
Garden of EdenGarden of EdenGarden of EdenGarden of Eden

“Garden of Eden”, which is mostly sold to people with middle-level incomes, belongs to intelligent apartment and its total sailing area is 25000 square meters. It has gained the honor of Wuhan First Quality-assured House Selecting Comprehensive Award of New Century.

House Alarm System: when emergency situation happens or chicken switch is controlled manually, the alarm signal is transmitted to control centre through network, and the detector and chicken switch indoor constitute house safety and protection system against theft, robbing and fire.

Electric Easy Guard System: Supervisor could pick up to read and print the going of security guards and guard patrols thus to realize the combination of human defense and technology defense.

TV Surveillance System: A different number of supervision video cameras are set at each important crossing and corner of the residential quarter in order to master the whole automatic records of the objects within their control range. Thus the personnel safety and property security could be achieved in deed relying on modern Safety Automation System.

Public equipment supervisory system: It carries out real-time supervision and control of the supply and drain of water within the residential quarter, as well as the running order of Transformation and Distribution System, thus to realize the optimized management of public equipments and reduce failure rate. Double Circuit Power Supply Auto-switching System and voltage power factor automatic tracking and compensating.

View of the street view of Garden of Eden project in Wuhan: Click here




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