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New Home Group was registered in Singapore in 2021. With the prophase investment funds provided by USA Realty Construction Group, New Home Group is committed to the projects investment in real estate development, and the business of general construction contractor and house sales, and trade in building materials, etc. Currently, Singapore is the main investment market of New Home Group, and the business will be expanded to Penang, Malaysia in the future, including construction engineering and general contractor business. The investment funds will also mainly come from USA Realty Construction Group.

Mr. ZHONG FANG, the main investor and holding person of New Home Group, has more than 30 years of investment experience in real estate development projects, and 36 years of construction experience and general contractor management experience in construction projects. Based on the experience in real estate development and investment and construction engineering accumulated in the Chinese and American markets over the past 30 years, the Group officially established the holding company in Singapore as the headquarters in Asia in 2022.

New Home Group is controlled by our Singapore headquarters - Asia SG Realty Fund.

New Home Group will provide more job opportunities to Singapore, and make greater contribution to improving the living environment of old communities and beautifying Singapore.

For more details about our Group, please visit:

Organization Chart of Singapore Headquarters: WWW.ASIA-FUND.COM

New Home Group: WWW.NEW99HOME.COM

USA Realty Construction Group:WWW.USAFW.COM

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Office Add. in Singapore: 27 NEW INDUSTRIAL ROAD, #01-01 NOVELTY TECHPOINT, Singapore 536212




Cell: 808-800-4999

Add: 27 NEW INDUSTRIAL ROAD, #01-01 NOVELTY TECHPOINT, Singapore 536212