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Town House Plaza-Wuhan
  • Town House Plaza-Wuhan
  • Town House Plaza-Wuhan
  • Town House Plaza-Wuhan
  • Town House Plaza-Wuhan
Town House Plaza-WuhanTown House Plaza-WuhanTown House Plaza-WuhanTown House Plaza-Wuhan

The project is located at Sanyang Road of Jiang’an District, one of Wuhan’s prime sections.

Frame structure is adopted for the Town House Plaza-Wuhan Residential Quarter, which has 21 stories and another 1 story underground. The first floor on the ground is used as business shop and the second floor is used as parking lots as well as the third to the twenty-first stories are used as building both for business and residence. The building which covers a total building area of 15,517 square meters stands in the central area of the city and is well equipped with all basic necessities for clothing, food, housing, traveling, and study.

Convenient living conditions: it is located at the meeting point of the Linzhi Road of Jiang’an District of Wuhan City and the Jinghan Avenue which is just the location of the prime section Sanyang Road and also the old central area of Wuhan City. Here integrates a dense population and prosperous market as well as convenient transportation. This building is managed by professional estate management company with the newest modern management that will make you far from all worries.

Convenient traffic : it stands near a crossing of the main traffic channel and the station of the light rail line with convenient traffic. This building is equipped with large number of parking lots and some other additional parking lots and parks for leisure of municipal construction as well as integral public utilities.

Accompany with famous schools: the children here will be enrolled in the following famous schools in the neighborhood such as Wuhan No. 2 Middle School, Wuhan No. 41 Middle School, Qiyi Middle School, Shenyang Road Elementary School, and Huapojie Elementary School.

Enjoying beautiful scenery at home: living in the high building, you can get a whole view of the expansive and spectacular Changjiang River to south, enjoy the beautiful scenery of the three districts of Wuhan at home when you look around and overlook to north the prosperous street scene of a myriad twinkling lights in Hankou District which makes you comfortable and happy.

View of the street view of Town House Plaza-Wuhan project: Click here




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